Shopping Limits Per Person For The Passenger At Arrival:

  • Cigarettes: 3 cartons
  • Liquors: 1 lt of alcohol exceeding 22% vol.
  • Liquors: 2 lt of alcoholic beverages max 22% vol.
  • Perfume: 600 ml
  • Make Up & Skin Care: 5 pieces
  • Chocolate & Candies: 2 kg
  • Coffe: 1 kg
  • Tea: 1 kg

Shopping Limits Per Person For The Passenger At Departure

  • Cigarettes: 9 cartons
  • Liquors: 3 lt of alcohol exceeding 22% vol.
  • Liquors: 6 lt lt of alcoholic beverages max 22% vol.
  • Perfume: 1800 ml
  • Make Up & Skin Care: 15 pieces
  • Chocolate & Candies: 6 kg
  • Coffe: 3 kg
  • Tea: 3 kg
These limits need to be confirmed with regulations of destination.




SETUR was established in 1965 as the first duty free company in Turkey. SETUR introduced "Travel Retail" concept in Turkey and entered the sector as an Airport Duty Free operator. Today, after 45-years of experience, SETUR possesses a significant portion of Duty Free Market in Turkey with its stores at airports, border gates, and ports.

SETUR is active in all branches of the sector with its more than 31 stores occupying a total area of 15.000 m² at airports, land border gates, and ports all around the country. SETUR gives professional services at international standards 7 days a week and 24 hours a day with more than 500 range of products including fragrances-cosmetics, alcoholic beverages-tobacco, toys, accessories, food, and luxurious goods and with its professional staff numbering close to 1000.

SETUR targets providing services in various fields at home and abroad and thus carrying its experiences and quality of services further.

We provide duty free operations in 3 different fields.


Setur is the sole duty free operator at Sabiha Gökçen International Airport for 20 years of concession period. SETUR is currently operating over 4500 sqm of duty free spaces that is one of the largest duty free operations in Europe. SETUR achieved another breakthrough with earning this 20-year license for operation which is the longest period of license ever granted in the duty free sector in Turkey.

SETUR is the sole duty free operator at Bodrum-Milas Airport with its 2 stores and a sales area of 320 m², while providing services as a sole duty free operator with its 2 stores and a sales area of 100 m² at Samsun-Çarşamba Airport.

SETUR provides its customers high quality services at its "Exclusive Stores" at İstanbul-Atatürk, Ankara-Esenboğa, and İzmir-Adnan Menderes Airports where accessories such as eyewear, pens, and watches of luxurious brands are offered in addition to fashion accessories, leather accessories, and garments.

Land Border


SETUR completed modernization and renovation works of 6 border gates in the process of modernization of Turkey?s border gates that are at crossing points to neighboring countries and that represent the country. In this scope, SETUR opened stores at Kapıkule and Hamzabeyli gates on the Bulgarian border, at İpsala gate on the Greek border, at Sarp gate on the Georgian border, at Habur gate on Iraqi border and at Cilvegözü gate on the Syrian border. At the border gates, SETUR operates food and beverage courts and other stores in addition to duty free stores.


SETUR provides duty free services at İzmir-Alsancak and Çeşme, Aydın-Kuşadası, Muğla-Bodrum Center, Yalıkavak and Marmaris ports.

It is our main goal to maintain our operations with superior service understanding and flexibility to meet various preferences and needs from different parts of the world that arrive at and depart from our country by sea.



İstanbul - Sabiha Gökçen Airport

Necmi BALIBEY / Aydın Gündüz
Phone: (0216) 588 87 52
Address: Sabiha Gökçen Airport International Terminal
E-Mail: necmi@setur.com.tr
E-Mail: ayding@setur.com.tr

Samsun - Çarşamba Airport

Alpay Aldinç
Phone: (0362) 844 85 63
Address: Samsun Airport International Terminal
E-Mail: alpaya@setur.com.tr

Bodrum - Milas Airport

Phone: (0252) 523 02 97
Address: Milas-Bodrum Airport International Terminal Setur.Ser.Tur.A.Ş. Milas/Muğla
E-Mail: hakant@setur.com.tr

İstanbul - Atatürk Airport

Hüseyin Mirzaoğlu
Phone: (0212) 465 31 50
Address: Atatürk Airport International Terminal
E-Mail: huseyin@setur.com.tr

İzmir - Adnan Menderes Airport

Nural Karataş / Şebnem Gülter Korucuoğlu
Phone: (0232) 274 65 45
Address: Adnan Menderes Airport International Terminal
E-Mail: sebnemgun@setur.com.tr
E-posta: nural@setur.com.tr

Ankara - Esenboğa Airport

Musa Baç
Phone: (0312) 398 03 38
Address: Esenboğa Airport International Terminal
E-Mail: musa@setur.com.tr


İzmir - Alsancak

Veysi Yılmaz
Phone: (0232) 463 87 34
Address: Alsancak Seaport
E-posta: veysi@setur.com.tr


İzmir - Çeşme

Halil Ataş
Phone: (0232) 712 61 81
Address: Çeşme Seaport
E-Mail: halila@setur.com.tr


Çanakkale - Kepez

Oktay Özbil
Phone: (0284) 616 40 83
Address: Kepez Limanı Setur Duty Free Mağazazı
E-Mail: oktayo@setur.com.tr

Aydın - Kuşadası

Haluk Turan
Phone: (0256) 612 81 41
Address: Kuşadası Seaport
E-Mail: halukt@setur.com.tr


Muğla - Marmaris

Phone: (0252) 412 29 49
Address: Yeni Liman Seaport
E-Mail: rahmis@setur.com.tr


Muğla - Yalıkavak

Phone: (0252) 385 39 49
Address: Yalıkavak Seaport
E-Mail: hakant@setur.com.tr


Muğla - Bodrum Seaport

Phone: (0252) 316 07 75
Address: Bodrum Seaport, Bodrum Yolcu Limanı, Kumbahçe Mah. İskele Cad. No.15 Bodrum/Muğla
E-Mail: kemalb@setur.com.tr


İpsala - Greece

Oktay Özbil
Phone: (0284) 616 40 33
Address: İpsala Border Gate
E-Mail: oktayo@setur.com.tr


Kapıkule - Bulgaria

Sedat UZ
Phone: (0284) 238 25 96
Address: Kapıkule Border Gate
E-Mail: sedat@setur.com.tr


Cilvegözü - Syria

Caner Tanır
Phone: (0326) 432 32 54
Address: Cilvegözü Border Gate
E-Mail: caner@setur.com.tr


Habur - Iraq

Phone: (0486) 528 71 24
Address: Habur Border Gate
E-Mail: nuriz@setur.com.tr


Sarp - Georgia

Ahmet Bünyamin Gürsel
Phone: (0466) 371 50 36
Address: Sarp Gümrük Müdürlüğü Sosyal Tesisleri A Blok
E-Mail: ahmet@setur.com.tr


Hamzabeyli - Bulgaria

Phone: 0 (284) 328 72 46
Address: Hamzabeyli Border Gate
E-Mail: tolgau@setur.com.tr




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